Green Brook Baseball Club

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New for 2022 - Shack Bond & Work Bonds for Fall Ball

Our League was built on the foundation of VOLUNTEERS as we need your assistance in maintaining and enhancing our Community Baseball Complex. The operation of our all-volunteer league and the concession stand (The SHACK!) at the Green Brook Baseball Complex continues to require family support. Accordingly, it is mandatory that GB Baseball member families fulfill two volunteer requirements; a "Field Work" bond AND a "Shack Work" bond. The bond part of the requirements is a fee that is paid if the family does not work the required hours. If the hours are worked, then there is no additional charge to the member families beyond the registration fees. There are different work/fee requirements for the Field Work and for the Shack Work bonds.

Field Work time is accomplished through general maintenance work. As much was was done in the Spring, we mostly need help at the END of the Fall Ball season to help wrap things up and prepare for winter. Accordingly, the field work bond times will be announced later but anticipated to be the the first weekend of November (there may be some limited opportunities earlier). The one (1) per family Field Work requirement is 4 hours or a payment of $100. The payment is due at the time of registatration and a refund will be issued after the work is completed. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SIGN BOTH “IN” AND “OUT” SO YOU RECEIVE YOUR PROPER WORK CREDIT at the shack during the Work days in November. The address of the GB Baseball Complex is 8 Highland Street in Green Brook (next to IEF school).

Team Managers and Team Coaches are exempt from the Field Work bond requirement. Also, please note - there is no Field Work requirement for families with a player in TBall only. Field Work days are subject to cancellation due to inclement weather. Additional days may be added if needed. Announcements regarding both will be sent via email. 

Shack Work time is accomplished throughout the Fall Ball season by working a total of 3 hours in the Snack Shack. The Shack Work bond of $30 is paid upfront at the time of registration and will be reimbursed at the end of the season when the 3 hours has been fulfilled. The last day to fulfill the Shack Work bond requirement for the season is October 30th. Managers and Coaches are NOT exempt from Shack duty. The SHACK Sign-ups will be posted on shortly and an email will go out notifying everyone that sign-ups are open. Also, please note - there is no Shack Work requirement for families with a player in TBall only.

*TBall is exempt from WORK and SHACK Bonds (unless you have another player in a different division, then you are not exempt)